Backup & Recovery
A Matter Of Value

When critical applications fail, the businesses they support are put at risk. But the need to recover an application and its data shouldn't spell disaster, which is why Nexsan delivers backup and recovery storage solutions that provide simple, fast, and ultra-reliable data protection.

Backup and recovery is the first step to a healthy storage design, and protecting and efficiently getting business applications back to work is a top priority. Nexsan builds backup and recovery storage solutions to ensure that the ultra-reliable storage system you use to protect your data will easily, quickly and efficiently provide recovery, whenever you need it.

Nexsan backup and recovery storage solutions all have built-in features to help protect and recover data. In addition, we work with leading software suppliers to integrate, test, and certify that our solutions ensure seamless deployment within existing infrastructures for the maximum leverage of existing investments.

Recommended Nexsan Solutions for Backup & Recovery

SATABeast: The Sweet Spot for Backup and Recovery
Nexsan's SATABeast is a high-capacity RAID disk storage system that essentially exceeds tier-1 storage density and reliability at tier-2 prices, making it ideal for handling the bulk of backup and recovery applications—particularly for small and medium-sized business, where cost-effective performance, reliability and minimal amounts of rack space are desired. SATABeast combines enterprise-class features and ease of use with Nexsan's Highly Efficient Storage (HES) technologies to provide an unmatched combination of high density, ultra-reliable space and energy efficiency, enabling it to deliver the industry's best price/performance value in a scalable disk solution.

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