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Long-Term Bulk Storage
Migration Strategy

Nexsan storage systems are ideal for storing the vast amount of fixed or rarely changing content that occupies the majority of an organization's storage capacity. With Nexsan storage, you can cost-effectively migrate that data off your expensive tier-1 capacity and still provide effective and efficient access at a much lower cost per terabyte—both during initial acquisition and over time. Nexsan storage solutions are a perfect value and performance target for all active online reference data, including flat files, web content, images, digital video, CAD and other reference data.

Recommended Nexsan Solutions for Long Term Bulk Storage

SATABeast: Maximum Density for Minimal Cost
Nexsan's SATABeast is an ideal choice for long-term bulk storage needs, as it provides the enterprise-class storage density required to store the mission- and business-critical data upon which organizations depend. At the same time, by employing the largest capacity SATA drives, SATABeast provides highly cost-efficient storage.

SATABeast is a prime example of how Nexsan's enterprise-class, easy-to-use and efficient technologies provide a combination of cost-effective high density, space and energy savings of up to 67% compared to other solutions, enabling IT managers to obtain tier-1 long-term bulk storage at decidedly less-expensive tier-2 prices.

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