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Public Sector
Governing Wisely

Government agencies are faced with a number of challenges when considering their data storage needs. The immense amount of information that must be stored and accessed when it comes to processing census data, to name just one example, requires very-high-performance storage capable of handling literally millions of transactions.

That high volume of transactions also holds true for a range of government applications as well. And as in so many other industries, once these transactions are handled, the public sector requires cost-effective solutions that meet long-term bulk storage requirements. Whether it’s providing social services, tracking property records or maintaining motor vehicle databases, the challenge remains the same. Database activities are frequently split into those that require high performance and those that focus on high density and capacity.

Recommended Nexsan Solutions for Public Sector

Highly Efficient Storage: Uncompromising Value
Easy-to-use Nexsan products such as SASBeast® meet the needs of various organizations and agencies across the public sector by providing enterprise-class performance with a combination of cost-effective high density, ultra-reliable space efficiency and energy-saving technology. Customers benefit from tier-1 performance at tier-2 prices.

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And when the need shifts to cost-effective density rather than sheer performance, the public sector can turn to Nexsan's SATABeast®, a high-capacity, ultra-reliable RAID disk storage system that's far more cost-efficient than not only systems that use more expensive, SCSI, SAS and fibre-channel drives, but also other SATA-based competitive alternatives offering similar densities.

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