Flexibility and Scalability

From business to information technology leaders, the quest for more economical business models obsesses our thinking. More than ever before, IT leadership is tasked with finding efficiencies that reduce costs. Virtualization technologies have proven to be a staple of that objective, with the major benefit being resource consolidation, reducing the overall amount of hardware and the cost to operate and manage it.

Backup and recovery is the first step to a healthy storage design, and protecting and efficiently getting business applications back to work is a top priority. Nexsan builds backup and recovery storage solutions to ensure that the ultra-reliable storage system you use to protect your data will easily, quickly and efficiently provide recovery, whenever you need it.

Nexsan backup and recovery storage solutions all have built-in features to help protect and recover data. In addition, we work with leading software suppliers to integrate, test, and certify that our solutions ensure seamless deployment within existing infrastructures for the maximum leverage of existing investments.

Recommended Nexsan Solutions for Virtualization

The highly scalable Nexsan iSeries, meanwhile, is designed to consolidate multiple server and storage systems into a single infrastructure, providing a host of powerful replication, virtualization, data migration and mirroring capabilities. And as with all highly efficient Nexsan storage solutions, SASBeast and the Nexsan iSeries provide significant space, energy and cost savings, making them the smart choice for virtualization applications for medium-sized businesses and mid-tier deployments in large organizations.

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