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Easily Protect, Access and Share Files Between Remote Co-workers and Clients

The Challenge – Creating a Collaborative Environment While Keeping Data in Your ControlCreative Services

Protecting, accessing, and sharing large design files is a challenge for creative service firms of all sizes. Public cloud storage solutions offer convenience, but do not provide control over location and privacy of files to ensure confidential client campaigns, designs, or NDAs remain privileged between authorized users.

Data loss or accidental exposure of confidential information can be disastrous, resulting not only in lost revenue but also the trust of your clients. As Dropbox users found out last year, the cloud is susceptible to data breaches, hacks, and invasions of privacy, when confidential files like tax returns, bank records, mortgage applications, and business plans were potentially exposed to unauthorized people. With design work and projects stored on various desktops, laptops, and tablets, creative professionals need a better way to share and remotely access files to collaborate easily with coworkers or clients while keeping data secured in the organization’s control.


Transporter delivers all of the convenience of cloud services without recurring fees or privacy concerns. Because Transporter can deliver terabytes of storage per device, you’ll never need to worry about moving or deleting older client files to make space on limited cloud folders. If you ever need more space, simply purchase an additional Transporter and the software will automatically combine the devices making it simple for Transporter to keep up with the rapid pace of your business.

Protect Client Information

Protect Client Information

Automatically protect client files against a computer failure with a local device, or install a second Transporter offsite for additional protection. Files are always encrypted (AES-256) during transfer.

Simple. Easy. Cost Effective

Reduce Costs, Eliminate Fees

Simple and intuitive setup is easily completed in minutes, and only pay a one-time cost that eliminates recurring monthly subscription fees. Each Transporter can store terabytes of information, up to 24TB per appliance with the Transporter products for business.

Privately Access Files

Privately Access Files

Automatically sync files and folders between every computer with private access to files from anywhere on mobile devices. Your files are always transferred directly between devices, never stored in the cloud.

Preserve Confidentiality

Preserve Confidentiality

The ability to control where your files are stored and who has access, or hosting private folders for sharing with clients and colleagues guarantees critical assets and campaigns remain private.

The Full Cloud Experience on Private Hardware You Own and Control

As the private cloud solution to traditional public cloud services, Transporter offers all the backup, access, and sharing capabilities of the cloud without any of the risk. As a private device you own, it gives you complete control over location and redundancy of information while allowing you to privately share with anyone and access confidential files from anywhere in the world. It’s both simple and secure to share files and folders with colleagues in the office with individual devices or sharing one centralized device, or providing access to documents for clients through secure shared links and folders that you control.

The Full Cloud Experience on Private Hardware You Own and Control

Delivering 100% Privacy for Creative Professionals & Clients

How are we able to deliver Transporter as a 100% private solution? Whereas public cloud storage services like Box and Dropbox are designed to store everything on their infrastructure and transfer all of your data through their servers, Connected Data’s central service is used only to establish secure, encrypted connections between authorized Transporter users. Once a secure connection is established, the data and metadata are encrypted at the source using military-grade AES-256 encryption and then transferred directly from Transporter to Transporter. Your data is never stored in the cloud and private encryption keys are generated and maintained directly on the devices ensuring that no one – not even Connected Data – has access to or visibility into your data.

Powerful Business Features for Admins

Transporter is the ideal solution for multi-user organizations with special administrator accounts for group management. Also includes active directory integration to streamline account creation, Transporter versions to revert files from accidental modification and deletion, and configurable read-only access options for both folders and users.

Why Transporter

Founded by a team who was frustrated that there was no simple way to share large files over the Internet, they set out to create a better and simpler way for consumers, professionals, and small businesses to share, access, and protect their data. More specifically, a solution that would make sharing with others – no matter where they are – as simple as accessing files on a computer or mobile device. The result of this effort is the award-winning Transporter – the world’s first peer-to-peer private cloud appliance.