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Vexata VX-100F
High-Performance All-Flash NVMe Scalable Storage

Vexata VX-100F Scalable NVMe Flash Array delivers over ten times the performance at lower costs than conventional all-flash storage arrays. The VX-100F enables the enterprise to experience massive improvements in application efficiencies and provides the blazing performance needed for machine learning/AI, next generation analytics, and other transactional applications that are used in the transformation to the cognitive era.

The Vexata VX-100F NVMe Flash Array Includes:

  • 3 Year Hardware Warranty
  • 2 x I/O Controllers (Active/Active)
  • Up to 16 ESMs (4x 8TB NVMe SSDs per ESM)
  • RAID 5 Data Protection
  • 8-16 x 32Gb/s Fibre Channel ports
  • VX-OS Operating System
  • VX-Manager GUI and CLI Management Software

Performance Estimates for VX-100F (latency<250uS)

  • 4 ESM System — Up to 2M IOPS, 14.0 GB/s R/W Throughput
  • 8 ESM System — Up to 4M IOPS, 32.7 GB/s R/W Throughput
  • 12 ESM System — Up to 5M IOPS, 51.3 GB/s R/W Throughput
  • 16 ESM System — Up to 7M IOPS, 60.0 GB/s R/W Throughput
Nexsan Vexata VX-100F Scalable NVMe Flash Array