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Nexsan E-Series 18P
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Nexsan E-Series 18P Storage

Nexsan Products
Nexsan E-Series 18P Storage
Nexsan E-Series 18P
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We’ve more than doubled the performance of this data center workhorse: As your storage grows, so have your processing requirements. That’s why we’ve more than doubled the performance with our new model, the E-Series P. The battle-tested E-Series Storage Arrays give you the capacity and performance needed for your structured data workloads, along with the ultra-reliability Nexsan is long known for.

We're The Petabyte People

E-Series P is a high-density, high-performance, highly-scalable, ultra-reliable storage system that enables organizations to lower their storage costs, maximize storage uptime, and boost data storage ROI. E-Series P is a versatile SAN or DAS solution to stay ahead of the enormous data growth, demanding workloads, and high resiliency requirements in a variety of businesses, including media & entertainment, government, healthcare, HPC, financial, surveillance and service provider sectors.

High Performance Block - High performance block (FC, iSCSI) for structured data (databases and Exchange).

High-Density - 600TB in just 4U, or combine systems for over 6PB in a 42U rack.

Highly-Scalable - Starts as small as 40TB and scales to over 1.8PB in one configuration.

Ultra-Reliable - All systems are stress-tested to deliver the highest reliability out of the box.

Data Protection - Self-encrypting drives with AES-256 encryption protects your data when at rest.

AutoMAID® - Improve energy efficiencies and cost-savings.

Anti-Vibration Design™ - Reduce rotational head vibration to increase drive performance.

Active Drawer Technology™ - Service drives whiles keeping data available for access.

Cool Drive Technology™ - Reduce heat to increase drive reliability and longevity.


Tackles Your Toughest Storage Challenges

You want to give your users the right tool for each job. As your storage grows, so have your processing requirements. That’s why we’ve doubled the performance of the E-Series with E-Series P.

E-Series Storage Arrays fit the bill for diverse capacity and performance based applications like media & entertainment, surveillance, government, healthcare, financial, and backup. It’s the ultimate ultra-reliable storage array for affordable enterprise-level Fibre Channel, SAS, and iSCSI storage.

Cool Drive Technology

  • Optimizes air flow and component cooling
  • Increases product reliability by reducing component temperatures
  • System redundancy ensures adequate cooling even if a fan fails
  • Variable speed fans with temperature sensors

Tough Storage That's Built to Last

E-Series is tough for challenging storage environments outside of the data center like ships, subway stations, and storage closets that have less than ideal temperatures and vibration. Nexsan leverages an innovative design with Cool-Drive TechnologyTM and Anti-Vibration Design to significantly reduce heat and vibration in the unit.

Extensive stress testing of both drives and systems prior to shipping means increased field reliability and uptime. It’s what gives us a strong 18 year track record of enterprise reliability.

High Availabity Means Peacse Of Mind

E-Series P helps you fight data downtime. Active Drawer TechnologyTM lets you pull a single drawer for drive replacement while keeping your data available. In case of a drive failure, a spare drive is automatically rebuilt into the RAID set. SNMP Alerts or email notifications are sent in the event of a component failure. Dual redundant, hot swappable components, multipathing and an intelligent battery-backed and mirrored flash cache of 36GB per controller help up your uptime.

Do More With Less Power

E-Series P uses less than one-third the power of typical arrays. Nexsan AutoMAID® makes it easy to go green and not sacrifice performance. Simply choose your energy savings with our easy to use management interface. AutoMAID will reduce power consumption by up to 87 percent and cut operating expenses plus extend the life of the system.

Protect Your Data At Rest

E-Series P can be configured with self-encrypting drives (SED) with AES-256 encryption so you know your data at rest is protected. Meet regulatory and compliance needs with FIPS SED support. Nexsan’s management interface transparently manages the encryption/decryption process without compromising performance.


Category Feature E-Series 18P
Enterprise Features
Active Drawer TechnologyTM Drives remain active when drawer is open for easy hot-swappable drive management.
Cool Drive TechnologyTM Optimizes air flow and component cooling to increase reliability.
Anti-Vibration Design Reduces Rotational Vibration to improve system performance and reliability.
AutoMAID® Power Management Configurable power savings of up to 87% reduces operating expenses and extends the overall life of the system.
Self-Encrypting Drives (SED) (optional) AES-256 Drives for data at rest protection.
FIPS Self-Encrypting Drives (optional) FIPS 140-2 level 2 certified SED drives to meet regulatory compliance.
Array-based Snapshots and Replication Snapshot and replication are embedded into E-Series for application-consistent snapshots and asynchronous replication to support demanding data protection requirements.
VMware, Xen, Hyper-V & Windows Compatible Compatibility with the leading virtualization tools.
High-Speed Replication via 10GbE iSCSI Enables nearly 10x faster data replication while maintaining full host performance via 16Gb FC or 10GbE.
Stress Testing to Improve Reliability Individual drives are stress tested and then, prior to shipment, all drives are again tested within the system.
Storage Enclosures
Disk bays | Rack U 18 | 2U
Number of Active Drawers 2
Expansion Unit E18X
Maximum Drives with Expansion 54
Maximum Raw Capacity (chassis | total) 216TB | 648TB
Max Cache per Controller 36GB
Mix 7.2K, 10K, 15K and SSD Y
Store Media*
2.5” SSD (GB) 800 | 1600 | 3200 - SED*/SED FIPS* Available
2.5” 15K Drives (GB) 600
2.5” 10K Drives (GB) 1200 | 1800 | 2400 - SED*/SED FIPS* Available
3.5” 7.2K Drives (TB) 4 | 6 | 8 | 10 | 12 - SED*/SED FIPS* Available
Host Connectivity
Simultaneous Fibre Channel and iSCSI Y
1Gb iSCSI Ports per Controller 4
10Gb iSCSI Ports per Controller (optional) 2
8Gb FC Ports per Controller (optional) 2
16Gb FC Ports per Controller (optional) 2
12Gb/s SAS Ports per Controller (optional) 2
10/100/1000 MbE Management Port 1

**See E-Series P Specification Sheet for supported SED Drives. SED functionality funcionality requires dual controllers.


Download the Nexsan E-Series P Specification Sheet (PDF)


Nexsan Products
Nexsan E-Series 18P Storage
Nexsan E-Series 18P
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